work//wok..r u ready?

Stubble ‘pants’ McMubbles took over three hundred pictures and of those 300 about 1/3 have me with my hands on my hips. Was I unhappy or disgruntled? No, but I look shiny. The rest of the pictures were blurry landscapes of cow butts, temples, ex-pats, rooms and JB looking like he did not want to have his picture taken.

We discovered a new weight-loss menu that includes soup, spring rolls, and bread. This diet will become famous and all the kiddies around the world will enjoy its dietary wonders. Every time that we ate of the soup,…the soup…was different…but it had the same name. This new diet will be great for travelers and smarty pants that want to say ummm and hmmm.

The best part of the trip:
Boddie pretend to be a rich Norwegian art historian


Boddie repeatedly saying ‘inside voice’.


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