Why you should be naked

Seriously thinking about joining nudist thinking and higher collective socital organization. I was at the beach and it just suddenly seemed so silly to have clothing on. I had a towel to keep myself off the sand and the ocean was right there if I got toooooo sandy. Everybody was wearing basicly nothing and trying hard to walk in such a way as to look slimmer and fitter then they were. I think that the whole clothing thing often makes people look fatter and bulky because it cuts in all the wrong spots. Think about the really really fat guy in a speedo. Seriously the speedo makes him look fatter because is squeezes all the fat in that one little area making the tummy look huge.
Sure, okay some may want to wear clother at certian times but why all the time, Everyday? I’ve not met a single person that looks better with their clothing on then off. I’ve seen the old, young, and middle with no clothing on and everybody looks best without then with. I think the whole modisty thing has gone way off. Also if we were all naked I think eating disorders and obesity would deminish. I think just seeing other people naked allows you to admire their beauty and then in turn your own.
Take an hour today and strip and enjoy the freedom. Feel you breats fall down upon your chest, squeez the fat and firm, trace the veins, examin your naked walk in front of a mirror, and feel where your skin goes from ruff to smooth.

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