Funky-best blog EVER! SHe has such a fun life that is filled with people from all over the world. I admire Funky not only for her blog but for her great friendship abilities. I feel super busy and have had little time for anybody. Funky is crazy busy and still is wonderful with so many people. It is so beautiful how she gives of herself.

My little sister is back at the house for the weekend. Poor baby is having a hard time with some of her classes. She had to kill her rabbit for lab and she just couldn’t do it. SHe is rethinking her major and just chillen’. It is nice to have her home. I think that she wants out of the science feild altogether.

They have NASCAR romance novels now. One of the guys at work and I were talking about the dramatic plot twists that take place at Olive Garden. I am gonna have to get one.

ALso Potter…should I pre order? I don’t know where to tell them to send the book.
This week had been really hard. Since returning from seeing my cousin and her cute kiddos I have felt kinda sick. One of her kids was ill when I was on my visit and I think that he might have passed something on to me. (GO to flickr see the cuteness). They are some of the best kids on the face of the earth but sadly I seem to get sick quickly. I have had trouble with my inner ear and I’ve a scratchy tickle. So Since last Saturday I’ve been dropping trays. It has been crazy busy and I’ve been working all the time this is my first day off since last Friday! I have not had time to really take care of myself and instead have been eatting thera-flu and trying to look healthy. The flight on Tuesday could be my ears in constant pain but it may also force the ick to go somewhere else.

I will be chillen in the ATL for two hours on Tuesday at around lunch time…WHo wants to do lunch? I hate connecting flights but we should make the best of it…yes.

Valentines day was so nice. I came home to find beautiful orchaids waiting for me Tuesday night. Wednessday I woke up and got to open presents. John has such amazing taste everything he got me was so unique and beautiful. My day at work was so smooth as we had one essay for each server, a food runner, and gills of reservations. It was a money maken butter day!!
This whole week has been money but it has also been hard. We’ve had conventions, workmen in the kitchen, Valentines Day, and the normal guests.

Funny moment of the week
Bartender: where do you get your glasses? (speaking of drinking glasses)
Server: Lens Crafters

CHurch:going to Catholic church on Sunday. I might be able to get Grandma Mary to come with me. I might even go tonight so that I can sleep on Sunday. I’ve been making my prayers simple. THis week has really shown me my sinfulness in relationships with others. I am not as kind as I once was.

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