Funke dancing

I slept UNTIL almost EIGHT AM! Sleeping is hot. Sleeping is the new pink.

We had a good time last night at the Middle East; listening to our friend’s band. The night made me a bit sad though as I dropped the ball on so many friendships in Boston. I never call anybody from our church. I stopped calling my buddy Valerie from the diner. Never called or emailed Jamie the dude or Jamie the baker. I also never stop to talk to Eddie or George at the gas station anymore. I want to be part of community but…not enough to give anymore then a bit of fluff off myself.

I was locked out of the church! Have I been excommunicated? I wanted to go to mass at eight but the doors were locked. Cars in the parking lot // nobody in the sanctuary.

Plans for the day:
nice long walk in the rain
buy a jean skirt (for cheap somewhere)
go to work and make made cash
go dancing with Funke because it sounds cool

The Counter-clock wise drain

NO! I’ll just GO.
Thinking back today on our move to Boston. I did not have much imput on the kind of house we rented. I just went along for the ride and got up here. This next move to California I have done even less to get ready to go. I did not even find my own airline tickets. I am very happy about the move. Maybe I am not good at comprimising but excellent at only wanting a few things,maybe. Maybe I am just lazy. Maybe I will become a rodeo clown.
but listen,
I got big plans for California! I want to volunteer as at a women’s center again. I want to learn Spainish. I want to take two days off mid-week and go camping with Tami every other week.


Tami is so happy here. It is so nice to see her with her older friends. She and Ken are so cute together and they share so many little traits that I feel like a whole new Tami came into my life. It is strange that this new Tami is taller then me and is male.Everyone here at the Avacado house is hospitable and a good time. I wish I could show you how beautiful the view is and run with you in the orange and avacado groves.

Yesterday, was spent looking for a car and a job. I think that I will have one by the end of today but nothing fun. I also got things together for working volunteer. Tami and I also took a short ride around our new hometown of ESCONDIDO which is off the blue line. Some people from Bethie’s church stopped by last night for food and running around outside. One of the families that came had such great interaction with eachother. The father and mother seemed to comfortable and the kids were so happy. They shared inside jokes and wonderful stories. People that are so happy and comfortable with eachother make me wonderfully zealous to be more loving with my others.

#20 Looks like a Goon! yet still a great driver,umm.

Yesterday Laura and I drove around Boston looking for the bike shop. As the rain fell we listened to the new Thom York CD and did not talk much. When Hail to the Theif came out I drove to fields in Missouri and Kansas. When I listen to the Bends I want to be driving on the interstate. OK Computer was the first CD I really tied to get my Dad to like and he declined.
As the CD ended everything we saw fit perfectly with the music and that is the way it is with Radiohead it is music you can be simple with because it is complex, like the picture on lincoln logs. I personally could never build any thing but a log cabin but the kid on the picture built a silo, fence, and fort. Maybe more like K’NEX with the variation and all.
Today at the pool, washing the dishes, walking around in Belmont, doing yoga it was in my head. Track two/not like a song stuck in your head but like one on repeat. As we listened yesterday I must say I was not overly happy. I felt like things could have been placed and developed better but…I want perfection to the point of weaping.
Laura pointed out that I would grow to love it and I have already changed my mind about the seventh track. So go buy it

More carrots

Recently i have been reading three books about the flesh and the soul. And yes, I do have something to say about that
In “When Jesus Became God” I am struggling to know what is orthodox and what is well known. I have no issue with God coming in the form of man but maybe I should think more about divinity and humanity. I am no Greek but…perhaps I am a belittling the the word HOLY means. So I am again thinking about how I have belittled God and set up my own idol of humanity. When I think about the ways of the Old Testament and New Teastament I don’t see justice in God’s acts. I think I want God to be someone that he is not and don’t know his attributes.
THe other book I am reading is one of Christian Sprituality called “Tortured Spirit” which has made me love my flesh. I often state and complain of pain but it really is a blessing that i am aware of my flesh. Many people live life not thinking about their body and if they do only in terms of a fix it up project. Recently I am content with what shape I am and the pain of my body. Yesterday I was falling in love with my turkey arms because they are fun to touch(Yip and Yop for that!).
i have also included “Dairy of a Wombat” in my life. It is a children’s book about sleeping, finding new friends, and eatting. I am in fact becoming a wombat without new friends. Tonight I was going to go out but…against all advice will take a sleep aid in about two seconds. I don’t want to be a stick in the mud. I want to go and dance. I have to make breakfast for all the little children on the marrow and I want my bed. I want to sleep and not think and be happy.
This weekend I will go out all the time! I will forget the past and live a life of wonder. I will be a high school party girl again but with more taste and discertion.
YES! yes! yes.

My shoes are on top of the world

Tonight I was going to go to the play
Five: the Sum of Us but I was looking for shoes for Jessi’s wedding and missed the opening act. I did not find my shoes. Jessi wants me to get sexy silver shoes and the only ones that I found which were sexy yet wedding-ish were $$$450$$$.00. I let them stay at home and will look else where. I did find really nice soap so I will smell expensive even if my shoes turn out to be from Pay*Less.

Some enchanted evening

quakers in Harvard SQ! (yes, BOB).
bought shoes with a tassel and curly toe.
Jack Black is my nacho hero (OH, Bryan).
Big tent revival on Boston Common with a tent from Chattanooga.
Drunken’ shopping with hipsters and a DJ on Newberry St (Linnea where are you?).
80’s dance party in which I danced upon the tabel/stage for about an hour and a half of blissful ungulation.

In love by tea time a working title

I placed his cold body a top my right hip as my knees pointed to the wall. He sang as I opened him with my delicate touch upon ebony keys. Immediately he murmured the sixty-cycle hum while slowly my right hip warmed under his presence. His delicious speed conjuring up any memory that I called for as we lay together in the morning sun. He was more then equal to the task but what would I think of myself in the morning?
I can’t.
I can’t write a romance novel.
Half the joy of reading one is the clandestine manner in which I go about it and then run out of my bedroom telling the house of the plot line. A quarter of the fun is justifying my habit to myself while trying to convince others it is not just my melted marshmallow center oozing out of my lips, nose, and ears. An eighth of my pleasure knows it is bad for me and in no way beneficial to society and that eighth also reaches for that paperback escape like a three hundred and forty page idol. I already feel dirty for making my poor little computer into a sexual object to write that first paragraph. While I can wilt my conscious into reading one the actual creation of a romance novel is a step too far. I won’t be the addict dealer. I won’t have that here after I am dead.
If I ever do become a sociologist though I should write a few papers about them. I could do it now. Oh, the bliss of research. I know the form of romance novels so well that I bet I can turn to the five key points within any romance novel (given a five page range) with only seeing the art work, the back page teaser, and the thickness/font. Wait did I just give away the sickening amount of romance novels I have read?
Last night I told two men of my plan to write a romance novel in the next few weeks. Of course they both wanted to hear some plot lines and I could really only give my two least thought out and therefore least embarrassing plots. I can’t even tell people about my ideas without my face heating.
I can’t write a romance novel; sorry my bank account.

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