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Stubble ‘pants’ McMubbles took over three hundred pictures and of those 300 about 1/3 have me with my hands on my hips. Was I unhappy or disgruntled? No, but I look shiny. The rest of the pictures were blurry landscapes of cow butts, temples, ex-pats, rooms and JB looking like he did not want to have his picture taken.

We discovered a new weight-loss menu that includes soup, spring rolls, and bread. This diet will become famous and all the kiddies around the world will enjoy its dietary wonders. Every time that we ate of the soup,…the soup…was different…but it had the same name. This new diet will be great for travelers and smarty pants that want to say ummm and hmmm.

The best part of the trip:
Boddie pretend to be a rich Norwegian art historian


Boddie repeatedly saying ‘inside voice’.


Hedonistic Christmas

This year
No gift giving

Yes, in the Davis household this year it is hedonistic Christmas. We are all to spend on ourselves, wrap the gifts, and then open them in front of the family on Christmas day (SO all of my presents will read For/From Hope). The beauty you do not get things you don’t want and it is cheaper. The downside…stop your judgment…as if we were celebrating the true meaning of Christmas anyway.


Sometimes I forget how young I am. This must be because I’ve yet to be older than I currently am so in perspective I seem current to me.
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Breakfast at six

Today I found a shoulderless road here in Missouri. It had green frieds, bird filled trees, a rockly lake/pond, and houses that nobody had lived in for years. I love thinking about how little time it takes for nature to take things back. Grass seeding itself in the driveway. Trees forcing roots to break the sidewalk. It is comforting to see how small everything is and how quickly our creations die. Every time I write a bad poem or essay its nice to think about termites in the floor. Sure, I’ll be judged on my creative effort in death but its nice to remember how little I am.

I’d be happy with a DMO

When I first start my I can’t sleep blues almost always I feel like my legs are being bitten by tiny bugs. I know this can’t be the case because my legs never have a mark and a change of sleeping venue makes no difference. Restless leg? No, it is not twitchy in anyway. I wonder if the itch is really me half asleep and half dreaming a way to stay awake? Aha, its moving up to my arms and face.
Maybe this time it really is bugs. I’ve been laying in grass and that means one thing-chigers.
Today I went for a very long walk on a closed road and saw the fattest groundhog. I asked him about his weight problems but he just said the same old thing
“I am starting a new diet. I really feel like this one will work because” and then if stopped listening because he kept talking about this one time on South Beach.
Missouri is beautiful right now as the trees change and the natural grasslands have ripened into peach color accented by the golden refuse of wheat and soybean hearvests.

You might like the history of old age or Going shopping
both soc books
both fun

watched a movie addaptaion of the fountian head and laughed. I think that offically makes me uncultured…goodie

we paint

The carrots cut into little chunks say to the Arugala
“Hey where did you come from?”
All the little veggies in my salad freshly cut and freshly bought from the store tell eachother the tale of transportation. The grapes being a fruit and not included in the salad feel left out and start talking to the peppers about the ‘others’. When the peppers do make it into the salad they are fearful of the other veggies and want to stick to together away from the store veggies.
Today was wonderful. Work was slow as could be but it gave me time to reflect on how beautiful my life has become, was, and if God wants will continue to be beautiful. I made it to the Catholic church again and cried a bit when the priest bessed some members of the parish. It was the way he held their heads; it made me think of Christ calling Mary’s name in the tomb. In all of the Bible that one word in context gives me the most belief.

anyhow I overheard the peppers saying that they were freshly picked. I talked to the salad about the problems and prejudice they were living in and how to treat the ones around you. They just would not listen so I added some cheese. I thought ‘hey, the cheese stands alone’. It worked they justed needed somebody to be on the outside and it could not be the grapes.

Oh, Jim I think that he really is dead.

Why didn’t that doctor ever show a little more compassion? I mean the dude was dead. Today I went to the bank and I after see my bank total i knew that only one thing was left for me…eat a double cheese burger and then see my organs. The job market is not loving me and I rock! Currently I am in a mild state of stressed out. In a few weeks if I still don’t have a job I think I may have to take extream measures. I was not expecting to dip into my limited savings so quickly, but that action has put this whole move into a whole new light. Great News…Tami has a job and a crazy great hair cut!!
Now I know I hate the cold but I am missing Boston. It really is a great town. Sure i am missing the people of Boston but the place itself is getting a nice the chunk of my heart.

Fighting Dogs in Mexico

Hi, I’m Elle. As you can see I’m a little teapot short and stout. In addition to a handel I have a tail. These people found me at the goodwill and took me to their barren apartment. They don’t have any pots so sometimes I get used to cook hard boiled eggs. No one has as yet used me just to boil water.
I have a friend named La Cafe. She is from France or something like that. Our owners found her for three dollars. She said that she is a french press but, nobody has used La Cafe to make coffee. The people that own us use her to mix margaritas.

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