Listen to Warren Zevon, Accidentally like a Martyr.

Tenacious D has a wonderful song called the Best Song in the WORLD Tribute. While I was listening to this song I suddenly had a clairvoyant moment about liturgy and its similarity to interpersonal relationships. In services we tend to create the familiar and we do the same thing in relationships. I find myself making the same mistakes as my parents and hurting my friends and family in the same ways I always have. I am comfortable with the familiar. That is not to say the familiar is bad. Familiarity allows one to see problems because it lacks the emotional luster. I worship best in some strong liturgy because I can think about the truthful words and ideas without the constant search for false theology. The familiar is never the same within liturgy or relationships and certainly for both we have room for development.

The Beatles said that love is all you need and I agree certainly in matters of faith. Yet, I am so often reprimanded that you need more than love in family, couple, and friend love (no, Linnea not in that order). WTF Batman, we can only recreate the love of God in our relationships. You canÂ’t have more than love. Faith, Hope and Love the greatest is love because it remains. So especially in relationships love in the active sense of the word is really is all you have. Certainly in death love is all you have to remember or recommend.

Worship (esp. in Mass) is a tribute to man-kinds understanding of heavenly worship. Love in every aspect of life is just a tribute to GodÂ’s creative love. So many parents remark of their better understanding of GodÂ’s love after becoming a parent but that is not the only reflection of Creative love. We were gifted with friends, lovers, cousins, and that guy who brings in your trash can from the side of the road that I believe demonstrate GodÂ’s love. The tribute to God in mass and in relationships is just like Tenacious DÂ’s song Best song in the world tribute because the song, worship, or relationships sound nothingl ike original.

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