I’ve been going to church again

During the Christmas season I did not have much time off and I was silly sick. I did not get to go to church that often. Before my sickness I having a hard time just going to church. Thankfully, a combination of inablity to attend and a book from JB about Worship has healed some ills. For the past three Sundays I have been able to go to church and I have learned so much in those three Sundays.

Christmas Eve just sitting in the pew after seven weeks was wonderful. I was so emtionally drained after the service that I needed to come home and nap. Last Week the sermon made me see how self centered my life has become. This week I saw someone at Church that I never would have expected to see sitting next to me in the pew. She was so pious.

Good is so far. Thank God good is not limited by me but by Goodness.

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