It was

As it turns out my email address is a bit pervy. When I picked it out I just wanted to remember the beautiful times out at Bear Creek. Now, I get hundreds of spam messages everyday.

Songs on repeat:
Neck Case’s new CD

Today, I had another panic attack just before work. I am not sure that it is a real panic attack but I don’t know what else to call my general feeling of entrappment and fear. I know it has a name…mmm… I almost turned the car around and didn’t go to work. I did leave in the dead middle of church. My faith is all guilt and confusion with a sparkle hope that I like to call justification and progressive santification.

Man: “What do you taste like Sugar, a hot chili?”
Hope: “Creme de STD,Sweetie”

So what got me into work today was a need to get new glasses and my upcoming trip to the south. Sadly, the price I thought I had lined up…$$$…went up. I was gonna do a fact finding mission:( I can swing it?

My herb classes start next week!! I am really excited about discovering my inner herologist. I have also decided to ask for a set schedual so that I can volunteer. I think it will really help me get my head stright. Will she do it?

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