What kind of a state is that? muuu, if you move things around just a tad it changes things to a whole different state. That is what I a going for in my move across the uniter states again back to Georgia or GEO-Riga. I”ve not given anything in the past two years enough time to grow into anything so if this time period is efforts to find my self then I must still be cooking in the oven. My next act in the kitchen might be as a chef:) I am in efforts to get a job as a sushi girl in Augusta. IT will be a sweet little job to do while I am in school.

I wonder what kind of cookie I’ll be? SUGUUUUR Or double Chocolate chip? NO, I am a Chocolate Cherry Cake with Chocolate butter cream frosting made with bitter sweet dark 85% coco bean. Currently the cake is with Cricket in Little Rock.

Cricket is doing a show for all of the beaded wonders tonight and then we are off to dine. Cricket is more beautiful then ever but a little stressed about her show starting at 4:30. It was nice to talk to her about her faith yesterday. This year has been a sad state of faith it is strange to think about what I was doing last year at this time and how I am showing my faith now.

I take comfort that it is not so much about how I feel or really even what I am doing every moment but that I learn. I get to recall why I have faith and start again. What wonder to know that even if I am never crazy excited I can still do for God and that I can still love through faith. I got a lot of love because i am a chocolate cherry cake with fresh pitted berries on top plus we have the frosting.

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