Why you should be naked

Seriously thinking about joining nudist thinking and higher collective socital organization. I was at the beach and it just suddenly seemed so silly to have clothing on. I had a towel to keep myself off the sand and the ocean was right there if I got toooooo sandy. Everybody was wearing basicly nothing and trying hard to walk in such a way as to look slimmer and fitter then they were. I think that the whole clothing thing often makes people look fatter and bulky because it cuts in all the wrong spots. Think about the really really fat guy in a speedo. Seriously the speedo makes him look fatter because is squeezes all the fat in that one little area making the tummy look huge.
Sure, okay some may want to wear clother at certian times but why all the time, Everyday? I’ve not met a single person that looks better with their clothing on then off. I’ve seen the old, young, and middle with no clothing on and everybody looks best without then with. I think the whole modisty thing has gone way off. Also if we were all naked I think eating disorders and obesity would deminish. I think just seeing other people naked allows you to admire their beauty and then in turn your own.
Take an hour today and strip and enjoy the freedom. Feel you breats fall down upon your chest, squeez the fat and firm, trace the veins, examin your naked walk in front of a mirror, and feel where your skin goes from ruff to smooth.

Listen to Warren Zevon, Accidentally like a Martyr.

Tenacious D has a wonderful song called the Best Song in the WORLD Tribute. While I was listening to this song I suddenly had a clairvoyant moment about liturgy and its similarity to interpersonal relationships. In services we tend to create the familiar and we do the same thing in relationships. I find myself making the same mistakes as my parents and hurting my friends and family in the same ways I always have. I am comfortable with the familiar. That is not to say the familiar is bad. Familiarity allows one to see problems because it lacks the emotional luster. I worship best in some strong liturgy because I can think about the truthful words and ideas without the constant search for false theology. The familiar is never the same within liturgy or relationships and certainly for both we have room for development.

The Beatles said that love is all you need and I agree certainly in matters of faith. Yet, I am so often reprimanded that you need more than love in family, couple, and friend love (no, Linnea not in that order). WTF Batman, we can only recreate the love of God in our relationships. You canÂ’t have more than love. Faith, Hope and Love the greatest is love because it remains. So especially in relationships love in the active sense of the word is really is all you have. Certainly in death love is all you have to remember or recommend.

Worship (esp. in Mass) is a tribute to man-kinds understanding of heavenly worship. Love in every aspect of life is just a tribute to GodÂ’s creative love. So many parents remark of their better understanding of GodÂ’s love after becoming a parent but that is not the only reflection of Creative love. We were gifted with friends, lovers, cousins, and that guy who brings in your trash can from the side of the road that I believe demonstrate GodÂ’s love. The tribute to God in mass and in relationships is just like Tenacious DÂ’s song Best song in the world tribute because the song, worship, or relationships sound nothingl ike original.

Love Truth, but Pardon Error-Volty

Wal-Mart could be really great for the enviorment and seems to be taking steps to bring in more organic products and cut back on shipping waste. I’ve been watching WalWorld and it seems like for some reason they are trying to become a better organization. They still have crap health care but they have a time table to fix some big problems


What kind of a state is that? muuu, if you move things around just a tad it changes things to a whole different state. That is what I a going for in my move across the uniter states again back to Georgia or GEO-Riga. I”ve not given anything in the past two years enough time to grow into anything so if this time period is efforts to find my self then I must still be cooking in the oven. My next act in the kitchen might be as a chef:) I am in efforts to get a job as a sushi girl in Augusta. IT will be a sweet little job to do while I am in school.

I wonder what kind of cookie I’ll be? SUGUUUUR Or double Chocolate chip? NO, I am a Chocolate Cherry Cake with Chocolate butter cream frosting made with bitter sweet dark 85% coco bean. Currently the cake is with Cricket in Little Rock.

Cricket is doing a show for all of the beaded wonders tonight and then we are off to dine. Cricket is more beautiful then ever but a little stressed about her show starting at 4:30. It was nice to talk to her about her faith yesterday. This year has been a sad state of faith it is strange to think about what I was doing last year at this time and how I am showing my faith now.

I take comfort that it is not so much about how I feel or really even what I am doing every moment but that I learn. I get to recall why I have faith and start again. What wonder to know that even if I am never crazy excited I can still do for God and that I can still love through faith. I got a lot of love because i am a chocolate cherry cake with fresh pitted berries on top plus we have the frosting.


Funky-best blog EVER! SHe has such a fun life that is filled with people from all over the world. I admire Funky not only for her blog but for her great friendship abilities. I feel super busy and have had little time for anybody. Funky is crazy busy and still is wonderful with so many people. It is so beautiful how she gives of herself.

My little sister is back at the house for the weekend. Poor baby is having a hard time with some of her classes. She had to kill her rabbit for lab and she just couldn’t do it. SHe is rethinking her major and just chillen’. It is nice to have her home. I think that she wants out of the science feild altogether.

They have NASCAR romance novels now. One of the guys at work and I were talking about the dramatic plot twists that take place at Olive Garden. I am gonna have to get one.

ALso Potter…should I pre order? I don’t know where to tell them to send the book.
This week had been really hard. Since returning from seeing my cousin and her cute kiddos I have felt kinda sick. One of her kids was ill when I was on my visit and I think that he might have passed something on to me. (GO to flickr see the cuteness). They are some of the best kids on the face of the earth but sadly I seem to get sick quickly. I have had trouble with my inner ear and I’ve a scratchy tickle. So Since last Saturday I’ve been dropping trays. It has been crazy busy and I’ve been working all the time this is my first day off since last Friday! I have not had time to really take care of myself and instead have been eatting thera-flu and trying to look healthy. The flight on Tuesday could be my ears in constant pain but it may also force the ick to go somewhere else.

I will be chillen in the ATL for two hours on Tuesday at around lunch time…WHo wants to do lunch? I hate connecting flights but we should make the best of it…yes.

Valentines day was so nice. I came home to find beautiful orchaids waiting for me Tuesday night. Wednessday I woke up and got to open presents. John has such amazing taste everything he got me was so unique and beautiful. My day at work was so smooth as we had one essay for each server, a food runner, and gills of reservations. It was a money maken butter day!!
This whole week has been money but it has also been hard. We’ve had conventions, workmen in the kitchen, Valentines Day, and the normal guests.

Funny moment of the week
Bartender: where do you get your glasses? (speaking of drinking glasses)
Server: Lens Crafters

CHurch:going to Catholic church on Sunday. I might be able to get Grandma Mary to come with me. I might even go tonight so that I can sleep on Sunday. I’ve been making my prayers simple. THis week has really shown me my sinfulness in relationships with others. I am not as kind as I once was.


I put my feet on the scale five times for five different weights. I think the only thing that we can be sure of is the the scale does not work.

Also, I am not going anywhere. I need to sit still and stop tying to fix problems with moving.

wine school — 75%
phychology –12%
fine dining — 15%
management — 8%
social do-gooder-ie –87%
health care –7%

Whenever I think about what to do with my future…I just get sleepy. I missed the point of just being happy instead of just being happy. STATUS hunts me down and beats me with a pole.

I stopped eatting wheat and most meats. I am also trying to get into a set of herb classes.

ALSO since turning 25 I have gotten much hotter. Sometimes I just want to makeout with myself.

It was

As it turns out my email address is a bit pervy. When I picked it out I just wanted to remember the beautiful times out at Bear Creek. Now, I get hundreds of spam messages everyday.

Songs on repeat:
Neck Case’s new CD

Today, I had another panic attack just before work. I am not sure that it is a real panic attack but I don’t know what else to call my general feeling of entrappment and fear. I know it has a name…mmm…WWFstrikezone.com. I almost turned the car around and didn’t go to work. I did leave in the dead middle of church. My faith is all guilt and confusion with a sparkle hope that I like to call justification and progressive santification.

Man: “What do you taste like Sugar, a hot chili?”
Hope: “Creme de STD,Sweetie”

So what got me into work today was a need to get new glasses and my upcoming trip to the south. Sadly, the price I thought I had lined up…$$$…went up. I was gonna do a fact finding mission:( I can swing it?

My herb classes start next week!! I am really excited about discovering my inner herologist. I have also decided to ask for a set schedual so that I can volunteer. I think it will really help me get my head stright. Will she do it?

1/2 day off

Love is in the air! Wim is getting married. Wim, who once took all of fifth north out on a date, is in love.
I here news from the Hot Toddy and Pudding and Pie are makening the sweet courtship loven.
Linnea and her Prof make-out (hear-say).
Two of the essays at work are all about the date night.
I’ve been known to dance with the dishwasher.
Libba, Tacy, the new Shimpfs,miss. Howard and mr. catacombs,me and that one guy with the grey hair,Keri and ELK (rough patch but they are going to be BFF), Earl and Hope (they will get together for Christmas and light a Yule log).
People love!
It is a freaken EVERYWHERE!!


I need one. I keep going to Laura and JB flickr site to look at boston/cambodia pics. What I really need is for my loved ones to take pictures of me and themselves more often. I don’t like taken the shots. SO Everybody take the pretty picture and post the pretty picture! I have so many demands.
okay gots to do the yoga

I’ve been going to church again

During the Christmas season I did not have much time off and I was silly sick. I did not get to go to church that often. Before my sickness I having a hard time just going to church. Thankfully, a combination of inablity to attend and a book from JB about Worship has healed some ills. For the past three Sundays I have been able to go to church and I have learned so much in those three Sundays.

Christmas Eve just sitting in the pew after seven weeks was wonderful. I was so emtionally drained after the service that I needed to come home and nap. Last Week the sermon made me see how self centered my life has become. This week I saw someone at Church that I never would have expected to see sitting next to me in the pew. She was so pious.

Good is so far. Thank God good is not limited by me but by Goodness.

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